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PTSD After an Affair?

Affair recovery forms a large part of our work at LoveRelations. About half the couples we work with are seeking help after the disclosure or discovery of some sort of infidelity. There is always a lot of pain and anger from both parties,…

Money and Relationships

Money, despite what any of us want to believe about “love conquering all”, matters more than almost other issue in relationships.  According to one US survey, money is the number one issue married couples fight about.  In the UK, money…
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Sex, shame and silence

There is no area of behaviour that human beings feel more shame around than sex. We can perhaps understand some of the origins of this culture of shame when we look at the historical values of religion or even modern sex education, with its…
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The Reality Distortion Field When in the Fog of an Affair.

Week in week out I sit across from clients that are blinded, paralysed and entombed by the fog of an affair. These include the overwhelming feelings of infatuation and limerence, the latter being a debilitating condition involving romantic longing…

Blended Families – The Impact of a Partner’s Children on your Relationship

There are no clear statistics on step-families in the UK, but recent estimates suggest that one-in-four families is a “blended family” ie where a couple lives with one or more children from a previous relationship. Parenting brings challenges…

The Seven Issues That Make Or Break A Relationship

“What’s the key to a good relationship?” is one the of questions we are often asked at LoveRelations. “Finding your partner attractive? No money worries? Shared interests?” While these are all important, there are seven issues or Relationship…
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Rebuilding Trust After An Affair

Is it possible to rebuild trust in a relationship after an affair? Dr David Perl, specialist couples psychotherapist and founder of LoveRelations, believes this is one of the biggest challenges a couple faces. “Over a third of the couples…
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Jealousy and Insecurity - What's ruining your relationship?

It is a common misconception that jealousy is a sign of love.  Shakespeare, writing about “the green eyed monster” knew as much when he created Othello.  Othello, filled with jealousy and suspicion, fuelled by Iago, goes on to murder his…
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“The Perfect Christmas” – An unbearable strain on any relationship?

There are points in every year where relationships come under extra pressure: Summer holidays, new school terms, Valentine’s Day of course, Christmas.  According to the mental health charity, Mind, one in three of us actively “dreads Christmas”. Ruth…