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Swapping Toxic Communication for Healthy Dialogue - How to heal your relationship and change the way you talk.

At LoveRelations, we ask couples who come to us: “What do you argue about most?”  The answers we receive are almost universal: children, money, too much time spent at work/with friends.  There are, sadly, a handful of flashpoints such…
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Men, the mid life crisis and male rites of passage

Introduction “The worst of it all is that intelligent and cultivated people live their lives without even knowing of the possibility of such transformations. Thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life; worse still,…

The Seven Issues That Make Or Break A Relationship

“What’s the key to a good relationship?” is one the of questions we are often asked at LoveRelations. “Finding your partner attractive? No money worries? Shared interests?” While these are all important, there are seven issues or Relationship…
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Rebuilding Trust After An Affair

Is it possible to rebuild trust in a relationship after an affair? Dr David Perl, specialist couples psychotherapist and founder of LoveRelations, believes this is one of the biggest challenges a couple faces. “Over a third of the couples…

New Year, New Relationship?

15th  January has been nick-named by lawyers as “divorce day” because of the spike in couples seeking to end their relationship after the Christmas holidays. One in five married couples are considering separating from their partners after…
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“The Perfect Christmas” – An unbearable strain on any relationship?

There are points in every year where relationships come under extra pressure: Summer holidays, new school terms, Valentine’s Day of course, Christmas.  According to the mental health charity, Mind, one in three of us actively “dreads Christmas”. Ruth…
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Surviving an emotional / limerence affair

Emotional / Limerence affairs When dealing with emotional affairs, without fail when we are working with the betrayed and or the betrayer in our affair recovery practice, when we mention limerence and its symptoms, there is invariably a light…
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Limerence - How to recover from it

The one thing i can't stress more than anything is limerence is all about us. Our LO's are just catalysts. They are mirrors that show us our own difficulties in forming healthy relationships. There is no magical other, no quick fix through…
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A video on treatments for limerence, co-dependency, other addictions

Thanks for watching our video about treatments for limerence, co-dependency and other addictions at loverelations.co.uk!