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We are David and Ruth Perl and we help couples re-build their relationships and learn how to create fulfilling partnerships. 

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Welcome to LoveRelations. 

We are Dr. David and Ruth Perl. We are relationship coaches, couple’s counsellors, affair recovery experts dealing with all couples issues. What sets us apart is we work as a couple with couples.

Our experience and expertise comes from our professional training as coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists.  David is also a qualified doctor and we bring learning from our own 3o year marriage to you as to what works and what doesn’t.

We are unique in that we work as a couple with couples so that there is no bias to one person and you gain from both a man’s and woman’s perspective.

You will gain from the many ways we work to help you which includes, coaching, teaching, therapy and giving you tools. 

LoveRelations helps those seeking to rebuild trust , intimacy and connection in their relationships

We see clients both in person at our therapy centre just north of London between Watford and St. Albans and also on-line. For details of our location, click here.

If you are impacted by limerence, please check out our partner site at www.limerence.net

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We work both online and also in-person from our Watford / St. Albans based therapy centre or drop us a message below

Some of our client feedback

"Ruth and David - how can we ever thank you enough for saving our marriage. When we first arrived at your office, we felt nothing would work as the love had gone. With your sensitive experienced guidance, we gradually healed the deep wounds in our relationship. It really helped us to understand how we brought our own issues into our marriage and working on these has been an extra benefit."
Karen and Les
Retired Couple
"I will take this opportunity to thank you for all of the hard work you have put in with me. It has been, and continues to be, truly transformative and what could have been a profoundly traumatic experience for me has been and is being processed in what I feel is a really healthy way, leaving me in a position of positivity, understanding and empowerment."
Father of 3
"Discovering my husband's affair was one of the most painful issues i've dealt with. With time and your gentle guidance and expertise, we have been able to rebuild our marriage into something even stronger than it was before his affair. We know communicate with honesty and are no longer afraid to express how we are feeling. My gratitude runs deep."
Retired grandmother
I have worked with David (and to a lesser extent Ruth) for roughly 6 months and they have both been amazing and helped me to make some powerful changes to my life. David has shown me how to 'wake up', look within, become honest and authentic and meet my needs without the need to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms that had caused harm and damage in the past. I have previously worked with counsellors and a hypnotherapist, but none of them did much more than scratch the surface. David is not afraid of getting to the root of the problems (even though this can feel challenging in the early stages of therapy) and has worked with me to help rip the roots out of the ground. These days I am way happier than ever and feel as though I am improving all the time with continued self-development. David has become a mentor, role model and a father figure (that I never had in my life) - on top of that, he is a brilliant therapist. Thank you both - you have changed my life for the better!
Sobriety coach.
Dear David and Ruth, Gavin and I have recently finished 8 months of couples coaching/therapy with you both. We wanted to thank you for the help and guidance you gave us in helping to communicate and understand each other better. This year has been very difficult, we now have more hope that next year will be better for us and our family.
Sally& Gavin
Professional working Mum
Went to see David as was struggling with limerence. He really helped me understand and cope with this condition and helped me through a very dark period of my life. I always have found it hard to invest in myself and this really was one of the best investments i made.
Working father